Use the homepage successfully to acquire new customers

Surely you too will often be contacted by phone and made aware of a "great offer" that will "certainly help you". In how many cases do you have to put off the nice operator by saying that you don't need it? The procedure of the operator - who contacted you blindly - represents a fundamental problem of cold calling. After all, he cannot know in advance whether an offer is interesting for you - or can he?

Avoid cold calling - This is how you acquire prospects in their needs fulfillment phase

Companies spend a lot of time researching potential prospects and then trying to create a need via cold calling.
A task that is not very motivating and is often outsourced to a contact center. One problem with this method, however, is that contact centers also “waste” a lot of time with cold calling, because, as described above, the operators usually have to fish in the dark. Modern sales variants provide a solution to this problem. The acquisition of new customers via online channels makes it possible to acquire interested parties during their information phase - so to speak, in covering their needs instead of creating them. This way, you tap into a lead source that consistently generates warm leads. You can edit these effectively. The principle of online sales works as follows:

Use your website to constantly generate new prospects

Not every website is optimized for online sales. Some online presences are more comparable to a shop window or advertising poster. You notice it, look at it and move on. If the display was nice to look at or the advertising message was concise, keep it in the back of your mind. However, websites of this type are only insufficiently suitable for acquiring new customers, since they offer the visitor hardly any opportunities to generate inquiries. This requires a professional setup.

Define the strategy and appearance

At the beginning of sales optimization there is the definition of a strategy. Without strategic planning, your website won't achieve the success you want, no matter how pretty it may look. The aim of a sales site is to generate qualitative inquiries from interested parties. Your prospects must be able to get answers quickly and easily. This is also a design challenge. If the appearance of the website does not match the expectations of the visitor, this can already be a first exclusion criterion.

Communicate your added value

Your website should never be just a showcase for your products. Communicate all added value that you would also describe in personal sales pitches. These include, for example, special challenges that have been overcome or problems that have been solved. It is advisable to be willing to experiment and to use a combination of text, images, videos and customer reviews to prominently present your added value.

Placement of high quality calls to action

To give your prospects opportunities to interact with you, you should place quality calls to action on your website. This makes it easier to get in touch:

The main conversion will be the easiest for your prospect to target. Here you can, for example, offer the request for a non-binding offer. In this way, you receive already qualified inquiries that you can work with effectively without having to do lengthy cold calling. A further call to action is created via a form for requesting information material. Interested parties deposit their e-mail for a desired product and can be provided with comprehensive information such as catalogues, price lists or samples.


By integrating online sales into your existing sales structures, your lead generation is permanent and almost automated. You get qualitative prospects who already have an intention to buy and can now be addressed much more effectively. This means your business spends less time cold calling and you can schedule more appointments for your sales.