Do you still need a logo these days?

Is a logo still important? If so, then a real logo or just a lettering? Colorful and eye-catching or plain and simple? Which logo design is right for your business? A recent study sheds light on this.

Despite social media, live streams and your own website, the logo remains relevant to the purchase decision. Vistaprint and other printing services have started surveys about how necessary a logo will still be in 2021. The result was surprising: 92% of the respondents stated that the logo design is the most important element for a company.

The taste in the design of the logos differs significantly between the generations!

The younger generation up to 39 years prefer logos in blue, white and black. In the 18-24 age group, the color black creates the most trust , in the 25-39 year olds it is more blue.

The research also found out which logos are most memorable. 60 percent of participants believe that logo design should be gender neutral , regardless of the product or service being offered.

The logo design influences the purchase decision massively!
43 percent of participants said they were more likely to buy products and services from a small business owner if they had a good logo design.

For 16 percent, a poorly designed logo is a deterrent, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Furthermore, 40 percent stated that a good and memorable logo helps them to remember and trust an unfamiliar company.

When customers come to us and they don't have a logo or they only have a logo they have made themselves, we always offer them to create a logo for free.

Because we were already sure before the study that the logo is an important sales tool for the entrepreneur. A good logo stays in the mind and creates a recognition value, just like a good website.

Would you also like an unmistakable logo for your company that gives you a high recognition value? Then get in touch with us!