Get more jobs as a real estate agent with good content

A real estate agent still gets most of his orders via his own website. But a good ranking on Google is absolutely necessary for this. There is hardly anything more important for a good ranking than good content on your own website.

Because Google and all other search engines always try to display the best search results. And these are almost always the sites that offer great content.

Captivating content inspires your website visitors. People like the content of a website if they visit it often and spend a lot of time on the website.

This type of content ensures that a website is shared on Facebook, Twitter & Co. and gets links (backlinks) from other sites.

Therefore, you should always deliver content that you know a lot about and, ideally, even have a passion for. Visitors and potential customers notice this immediately.

This is how you create content that improves your Google ranking and attracts new visitors

The most important thing for good content is to write headlines that get clicked and thus improve your ranking. If the headline is not attractive and not inviting to read, your website will not be clicked on in the search results and therefore not visited.

But even the best headline is useless if the content behind it doesn't deliver what it promises. However, many real estate agents find it difficult to come up with ideas for new content.

This is how you find inspiration for great content

Great content is absolutely essential to steadily improve Google rankings. This is how you get to the front and stay there.

The written word is still one of the most important factors for a good ranking for Google. In general, websites that provide a lot of information are easier to find and can thus attract more visitors, and thus customers.

This information will be published in the form of articles on the website. For this reason, a blog should definitely be set up. If you don't know what to write about, here are a few ideas for you:

  • What you absolutely need to know about real estate agents!
  • What does a real estate agent do?
  • What must be considered when selling a house?
  • How do you become a real estate agent?
  • How can a real estate agent help me sell a property?
  • You should ask these questions to a real estate agent!
  • What does (news from your industry) mean for your property?
  • How to recognize a good real estate agent.
  • This is how I help my customers.
  • This is how I use XYZ to get results.
  • That's how I work!
  • That's why I became a real estate agent.
  • Interview with the customer.

General ideas for blog articles

  • X ways to sell a property
  • 10 things that helped me...
  • What should you watch out for when...
  • interviews
  • Tips & tricks on a topic
  • A detailed guide to... selling
  • Tell me about your life
  • Tell me why you started the blog
  • Create a field report
  • Release your opinion on an issue into the world
  • Write about the place where you offer your service

You have to pay attention to this when creating content

When creating your content, make sure it...

  1. are easy to understand. Convoluted, snake-like sentences full of technical terms not only deter readers, but are also not welcomed by search engines.
  2. offer added value. When you write a text, the focus should be on conveying interesting information to the reader. So don't sell your blog readers anything, but provide your visitors with important information. Visitors are much more willing to become customers and fans of yours if they feel like they got something before.
  3. are not too short. You should always try to write at least 500 words (1000 words are ideal), as Google rates short texts worse. If you can't think of anything else on a topic, you can work with examples or report on a real situation.
  4. are interesting. This does not mean the topic, but a good structuring of the text. Make sure you use enough paragraphs and subheadings. Insert pictures or videos and write in your own voice. So, if you think there's a place where a quirk of your real estate agent job fits, don't hesitate. That makes you likeable.

The goal is to produce new content regularly

This shows Google and your fans that your website is regularly updated. This is a very important ranking factor. Your visitors have more to read and the chance of being found for important search terms increases.

Alternatively, you can outsource the writing of the content.

You can find support for writing articles without having to spend a lot of money on relevant sites. Of course, the result is always closely linked to the price. Such an alternative is, for example , textbroker.de .

We also offer you professional text creation including keyword research and search engine optimization.


Every question that a potential customer or visitor could ask is a good basis for content on your own website.

You can also use your own blog to create local relevance. So instead of just writing about your industry, you can also write about where you offer your services.

This tactic is worth its weight in gold, especially in local search, since almost none of your competitors are doing it!