How does a DJ get orders over the internet?

Since we also offer complete solutions for DJs and entertainers, we have created an article for you on how you can even get orders via the Internet.
Having your own website or a fan page on Facebook is no longer enough to turn visitors into prospects and customers.
Many of your fellow DJs, and maybe you too, rely primarily on their Facebook profile to get orders. You post pictures from the last gig, give tips for your colleagues or simply post directly that customers are welcome to get in touch. If you disregard the character of Facebook (on Facebook you want to distract yourself, forget your everyday life and problems, and not make any (purchase) decisions) and consider that only 34% of Germans actively use Facebook, you are giving away a pretty big one Piece of the cake if you only rely on Facebook.
Your own website still has the greatest potential, provided you also activate your prospects.
Your own homepage offers so many more possibilities than just presenting your texts and pictures. The homepage is your own store, and once people are in your store, you can easily convert them into customers. Use the social media channels to get interested parties to your homepage. There, visitors are turned into prospects and buyers, and the competition is much further away than on Facebook, where they are just a click away.

Of course, Facebook is a good tool for attracting interested parties to your own website. DJ Jörg Backhaus has put together many tips and tricks that you should definitely take to heart.
But is it enough to direct people to your own homepage so that they book your offer? The answer to that is clearly NO.
People are not very spontaneous, only 2% of first-time visitors take an action on your homepage or Facebook profile, the rest mostly never come back and are lost forever.
You just have to realize that you can't expect your visitors to remember you the next day. Everyday life has people firmly in its grip, it just takes more to bring you back to mind.

But how to reactivate visitors?

Most who are successful on the Internet use so-called retargeting . This allows you to serve ads to users who have visited your site before. You've seen it many times yourself: you look at a product on Amazon, and the next day you see exactly that product in your Facebook timeline. How often have you caught yourself not having the product on your radar anymore? The same goes for visitors to your website or Facebook fan page.

Google offers its own system for this and calls it remarketing . With the help of the Facebook pixel, you can also pick up your prospects on Facebook exactly when they are ready for your offer. Of course, the whole thing costs money and you have to create appealing display advertising. But the success will speak for itself.

Isn't it cheaper?

You always need money for marketing. If you don't invest any more money, there will be no inquiries either. On Facebook you should invest €50 per day, otherwise the Facebook algorithm will have trouble finding the people who will click on your ad. That's a lot of money to add to your prices, and I probably don't need to tell you that we still live in a greed-is-gree society.

But it is also much cheaper, and above all more elegant.
Because classic advertising is always a disruptive factor for your prospects, and no one is keen on being bombarded with advertising anymore.
But what people like are gifts. You must have always gone to World Savings Day in the past because you were keen on the giveaway. Now you might be wondering what to give away. Pens with your logo? No definitely not. You have something much more valuable and above all free to give away: YOUR KNOWLEDGE!

As a DJ, you know from years of experience what needs to be considered in order to throw an unforgettable party.
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