1. Title Keyword

The title keyword should always be right at the beginning.

2. Link in the description

ALWAYS a link in the description to the desired action (email entry, sale, affiliate marketing). Youtube donates a high-quality backlink! Do not forget the "https://", otherwise there is none.

3. The video description

Write a value-added post that should be helpful, i.e. relevant. Put your keywords here.

At Textbroker you will find authors who will write you such an article for little money.

4. The tags (keyword list)

At least 7, but there is no upper limit. It is only important that these keywords also appear in the article. Check the "suggested tags" a few days after uploading and correct them if necessary.

5. Blog Post

Write a blog post . You don't have to do this yourself! At Textbroker you will find authors who will summarize such a contribution to 500 words for you and it will cost you just under 8 euros.

6. Parts. post. repeat.

“Frequency” is the magic word. Make sure that your target group also sees this post. Therefore: Be present with it! Post the video every week first, then every two weeks. Create a follow-up in your email list. This is how you ensure views, likes and comments. So that visitors ultimately become buyers.