E-Mail mit Apple iPhone

In this guide we explain how you can integrate our email addresses on your iOS device.

1. Please open the "Settings" of your iPhone/iPad. From there, tap on "Mail" and then on "Accounts" and "Add Account":
2. Next, please tap on "Other" and on "Add Mail Account". If you have not previously created an account, you will be taken directly to this selection:
3. Now enter your data and then tap on "Next":
4. Now enter your access data in the fields marked in yellow and then tap on "Next" at the top right:
5. If you have entered all access data correctly, you can now tap on "Save". This completes the setup of the email address in the iPhone/iPad.

Check mail settings

1. Please open the settings of your iPhone/iPad and tap on "Mail" and on "Accounts". Then tap on the name of the mail account on the right (example given here):
2. Now you can check the settings for incoming mail and correct them if necessary. If you are having trouble sending emails, please tap "SMTP" in this view:
3. Please tap on the entry under "Primary server":
4. Now you can check the settings for outgoing mail and correct them if necessary. A common source of error here is, for example, an incorrect setting under "Authentication". "Password" must be set there: