Do you still need a logo these days?

Is a logo still important? If so, then a real logo or just a lettering? Colorful and eye-catching or plain and simple? Which logo design is right for your business? A recent study sheds light on this.
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Set up email on Android

This is how you set up your mailbox on an Android smartphone.
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Warning because of the integration of Google Fonts

We have received information from our partner law firm that a law firm from Düsseldorf is currently issuing a warning for the integration of ❌Google Fonts❌ on websites. Elimination of violations, submission of a cease-and-desist declaration and assumption of the costs of the warning are required.
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This is how you implement the GDPR for your website

The GDPR is coming and many website operators are unsettled. Operators of small websites in particular want a quick and easy solution. We have created a short and practical overview for you on how to make your website legally secure in 4 steps.
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Image rights on the internet

External images are often used on our own homepage. But what should be considered when using third-party images with regard to image rights? How do I protect myself? We have put together 8 steps for you on how to legally secure your website.
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Use Google Analytics legally

For a long time, Google Analytics was a red rag for German privacy advocates. Then, surprisingly, the search engine group came to an agreement with data protection officials on the legally compliant use of Google Analytics. Nevertheless, site operators still have a lot to do in order to be able to use Google Analytics legally and without fear of warnings. We'll show you step by step how to do it.
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This is what you really need to know about the new GDPR

The numerous changes that the GDPR will bring with it from May 25, 2018 will affect every entrepreneur and website operator. There are extensive new regulations in almost all areas of data protection law. Some are relatively easy to implement, others are very complex.
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Use the homepage successfully to acquire new customers

Surely you too will often be contacted by phone and made aware of a "great offer" that will "certainly help you". In how many cases do you have to put off the nice operator by saying that you don't need it? The way the operator proceeded – who contacted you blindly, so to speak – represents a fundamental problem of cold calling. After all, he cannot know in advance whether an offer is of interest to you – or can he?
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This year we are represented at the start-up fair "DIE INITIALE" on September 29th, 2017 in Dortmund. We will show you how you can successfully position your business on the Internet. Secure your free ticket now!
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E-Mail mit Apple iPhone

This is how you set up an email account with us on an iPhone
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Email with Microsoft Outlook

This is how you set up an email inbox with us in Microsoft Office Outlook.
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7 tips for the right domain name

At the beginning of a successful business there is always the question of the right name for your own company. Nothing should be rushed here, because once the name is set, the disadvantages of changing the name later are very great.
In the following article you will find out how to find a suitable name and what you should pay attention to.
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Youtube traffic: How to get visitors to your website

Do you have a YouTube channel and want to get visitors to your website? Here's a simple example to explain how it works.
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How to use Facebook for political communication

Many parties and politicians are already active on Facebook . They use the platform to inform citizens about their party work and to get into conversation with them. But the requirements for the platform have changed a lot. Until a few years ago, Facebook was mainly characterized by texts, but today authentic and visual communication is more important than the written word.

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How do you get orders as a DJ over the internet?

Since we also offer complete solutions for DJs and entertainers, we have created an article for you on how you can even get orders via the Internet. Having your own website or a fan page on Facebook is no longer enough to turn visitors into prospects and customers.
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SEO optimization: 10 steps to more visitors

Based on a blog article by one of our customers, our infographic shows you how to optimize your article for search engines in 10 steps.
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Just advertise on Facebook

We have created a guide for your advertising measures on Facebook. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful ad on Facebook.
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Our social media menu card for your restaurant

We have put together an infographic especially for all restaurateurs among you. Here you can see at a glance which marketing activities make the most sense for a restaurant, café or bistro.
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Why the future of your company lies on the Internet

Do you know that? Orders are mostly awarded through recommendations, you take part in tenders or receive orders from a few long-standing regular customers. You write numerous offers and only a fraction of them give you the job. You invest a lot of time in this work without getting paid directly. Does it really have to be like this?
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Really nobody likes slow websites

Do you know that? You want to open a website on your smartphone, and after what feels like minutes, something finally happens on your screen, it is also one of the countless pages that look the same on the PC as on the smartphone. How are you supposed to use this? How am I supposed to find the info if I have to keep zooming in and out?! I don't know about you, but I'll be back on Google very quickly and take the next result.
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