Digital marketing for real estate agents

We get you out of the digital desert

Do you want to sell more properties through your website? Do you want to become independent of portals where the competition is just a click away? No problem.

With our complete solution for real estate agents, you get an individual website and the appropriate extensions so that visitors also become customers.

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Real estate agents already rely on our many years of experience in online marketing

The key factor

Almost all of the real estate agent websites we examine bring no new clients. Despite fantastic photos, videos and a good design, there is only one thing that matters in the first step: your visibility!


But what does visibility mean?

93% start their sales journey with Google. There they inform themselves. Instagram is important, so are reviews. But your Google visibility is the first and most important step.


Top 10? No thanks!

If you are only in the top 10 on Google, it will bring you NOTHING. Already on Google position 3 you get 75% fewer visitors than on position 1.

The digital reality

You don't need "traffic", but "transactional traffic", i.e. people who are already at the end of their sales journey, have already decided to sell their house and are about to make an inquiry!

Searched 27,100 times per month
Looking for those who just want to find out more
Are still completely undecided
Is difficult to optimize
Brings traffic (visitors)
Is "only" searched 700 times per month
Looking for those who want to make specific inquiries
Are determined
Is easier to optimize
Creates new customers
We call this the "digital reality" because in the free economy demand determines supply. Not so with Google. Certain search terms are searched for less often, but bring you specific queries.

The journey of a home seller on the Internet

On average, the real estate seller has around 30 touchpoints before he has decided on a real estate agent!

How the real estate agent imagines it:

What the reality looks like

The design is also not a wish concert:

Design is about much more than just an appealing look. Your web design is absolutely critical to your success. The graphic below illustrates the concept of customer guidance.

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