The optimal marketing mix

Marketing uses various measures to increase the level of awareness of your company and to win new customers. In contrast to classic advertising, the focus is not on a single product but on the company and its services. A balanced marketing mix promises measurable success.
  • Target group analysis and direct marketing
  • Creation of marketing concepts
  • Online and social media strategies
  • Content marketing (information and advice)
  • Product and Pricing Policy
  • Distribution and communication policy

  • The time is ripe
    for good marketing

    Our ideas are your success: Together with you we increase the level of awareness of your company. With an optimal mix of traditional and the latest marketing measures, you can reach new customers in no time at all and overtake your competitors.

    Stirred or shaken?
    Your personal marketing mix

    Target group analysis

    Do you know who your target group is? And do you know the wishes, needs and behavior of your customers? We analyze your target group and create a marketing concept for your company on this basis. You can only be successful if you know your customers.

    direct marketing

    Regardless of whether it is about acquiring new customers or looking after existing customers: the individualized approach has gained enormously in importance in recent years. From print media to social networks to e-mail marketing, there are many exciting opportunities for this.

    Content Marketing

    Offer your potential customers real added value. For example, through valuable information in the form of articles. This form of advice ensures that customers bind to your company and actively recommend it, for example by sharing your articles.

    Newsletter Marketing

    Provide interested parties and customers with the latest news about your company on a regular basis. Our CRM system automatically creates a customer database and helps to send your newsletter to all recipients in just a few seconds.

    Social Media

    Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even WhatsApp - today's social media offer incredible potential to make your company known. We help you to work out the perfect social media strategy and to avoid threatening blunders from the start.

    Google AdWords

    When programming your new website, we make sure that all Google specifications are met. You also have the option of optimizing your homepage with useful options for Google.

    “Ducks lay their eggs in silence. Chickens cluck like crazy. What is the consequence? Everyone eats chicken eggs.”

    Henry Ford (1863-1947)

    All inclusive
    Conception, implementation and support


    We analyze your current situation, define marketing goals and create a suitable strategy to achieve the goals faster and more efficiently and thus maximize sales.


    We implement your marketing strategies and position your product or service on the market. We combine modern channels such as social media and influencers with classic advertising media.


    With us you get all-in-one marketing: from analysis and planning to implementation and control of marketing goals and activities. With a personal advisor at your side.

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