7 tips for the right domain name

At the beginning of a successful business there is always the question of the right name for your own company. Nothing should be rushed here, because once the name is set, the disadvantages of changing the name later are very great.
In the following article you will find out how to find a suitable name and what you should pay attention to.

1. There is a spice in brevity

This old adage applies especially to the choice of your company name. Good company names have two, maximum three syllables: Google, Facebook, Yahoo. This also applies to your domain: the shorter a domain name, the better and more memorable it is.

  • lotto.de is better than lotto-online.de,
  • lotto-online.de better than
  • lotto-spielen-online.de,
  • etc.

Be sure to avoid free web space providers, because they only give you spaghetti addresses that are disastrous for your marketing:

  • www.firma.joomla.de
  • mycompany.tk
  • fortunecity.de/boerse/dow/1818/index.html
  • etc.
Having your own domain is an absolute must for any professional internet project.
2. Better rankings with keyword domains?
Do you get better Google search results if the search term is in your domain name? No, those days are as good as over. When choosing your domain, pay attention to your customers:

  • easy to notice
  • provides information about your field of activity
  • no misunderstandings when reading aloud
  • easy to write with no spelling mistakes

3. Only use the good top-level domains!

The top-level domain designates the country code behind your domain name, eg .de, .at, .com. If possible, as a German provider, use the ending .de. Is your desired domain "internet-unternehmer.de/.com" already taken? Then you should definitely avoid using other country codes. I can only advise against switching to the new top-level domains, such as .info, .rocks, .shop or .gmbh. These domains have made a dubious price jump in the last few weeks and will be offered at even more overpriced prices in the future.

4. No more domain names available? Choose a fantasy name!
Fantasy names are perfect for branding: Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Boss, Google, Mercedes or Aldi: they are all companies with fantasy terms or surnames that have established their brand with a proper name. Facebook and Co. are perfect for burning your fantasy name into the memory of a large audience.

6. Combine fantasy names
The best way to find a great company name is to combine fantasy names with a keyword or meaning. For example, together with one of our customers we came up with the name Küchologie, a combination of cuisine and psychology - a good choice as a nutritionist, I think. We immediately registered the domains kuechologie.de and kuechologie.de for her. Here, too, it is important to pay attention to different spellings and thus to register several domains. Prominent examples include MachDudas and Auctionata.

7. Check existing brand names!
Once you have found the right domain name for you, you should definitely do extensive trademark research before registering. On the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office you can find out whether trademark protection already exists for a term. You can also use Google to quickly check whether an international brand is already associated with your brand name.

Is your desired domain still available?

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